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Engaging Fun with a Step & Repeat

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

So, we just picked up this handy-dandy Step & Repeat for our most recent wedding expo. It fit perfectly into our 10'x8' booth. All we had to do was roll the red carpet in front of it and watch the brides and grooms and their support squads pose and take pics in front of it. It was amazing. It helped us engage the expo-goers AND it meant they all had photos with Dapper Appetite contact information in them.

Those were the two biggest motivating factor in buying this nifty stretch of vinyl marketing; drumming up engagement and distributing contact info. And it worked. You can rest assured this Step & Repeat masterpiece will find its way into our next expo, ready for the clients and the cameras. It was a worthy investment.

Sometimes a bit of creativity is all it takes to make a connection with potential clients. They can help put your brand front and center, leaving a lasting impression. What do you think of Step & Repeats?

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