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First Dance; Before Dinner or After?

Some people can't wait to display their fancy moves and do the "awwwwww" inspiring dip and kiss on the first dance. Many people get nervous about their first dance. It can feel like a ton of pressure dancing in front of a room full of guests. It always works out. I't always a magical moment. But sometimes, the few moments leading up to that magical moment can be a doosy for some folks. The anticipation of the first dance can make the best of 'em sweat a little bit.

The best part of the night to make the leap and go for that moment can be different depending on the couple. Some couples want to get to the first dance right after the introductions. Get right to it and don't waste any time. Some couples prefer to get the food on the table sooner rather than later. They come in from their introductions, have a quick word and go right to their seats and their salads (and wine?). Then they get to the first dance once they and their guests have eaten.

Either way is a great way to live the excitement of the wedding reception. It's a momentous day with many occasions that will create memories that last a lifetime. When do you think a couple should do their first dance?

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