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Setting up a DJ rig for a Barn Wedding

If there's one thing we here at #dappappent can't get enough of, it would be barn weddings. There's something about the feeling of the old barn wood and the beauty of the sunlight as it peeks through the boards. Love is easy in the comfort of a rustic, old barn. And the photographs always look so darn good!

When it comes to setting up a DJ rig, every location has certain advantages and disadvantages. Barn weddings are amazing when you get it right, the key is making sure you've covered your basics. It may seem obvious, but it's important to remember to plan to have adequate power to the barn. Many barns have electricity or access to electricity close enough to run an extension cord. In some locations the electrical grid isn't close enough to run a cord and a power generator may be necessary. If this is the case, make sure the generator is placed far enough away so the noise doesn't interfere with the wedding. The more the DJ knows about how to access power the better.

Acoustics are always a concern, no matter what the venue. In a barn, pay close attention to support beams and other obstacles that could reflect sound. No one likes the squeal of feedback when a microphone comes too close to a speaker. This feedback can happen when sound bounces off of support beams and back into the microphone. Be sure the DJs table is placed in an open area so the sound can project freely and avoid noisy feedback.

Lights can turn an ordinary space into a magical place to be. Uplights and wash lights in a barn look amazing. The worn barn boards look amazing when bathed in the color of a simple uplight. Another upside to setting up DJ lighting in a barn is safety. DJ lighting can illuminate the space well enough to walk safely, allowing for brighter lighting to be lowered or turned off. This means, no tripping guests and lovely ambiance. It's a win win.

Like any other event, barn weddings require forward thinking and good planning. With the proper gear and the right set up, a DJ can help create a dreamy, outdoor space for two people to pledge their love to one another. H

ow do you prepare for a barn wedding?

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